Globopol creates link between doctors, health prevention specialists

and independent nutritional experts.

Our common goal is to promote healthy lifestyle via clear and concise recommendations for healthcare professionals, teachers, public servants, politicians, managers or business people, but also for parents and the wider public. We also help the government and ministries to formulate better principles of public health.

Our recommendations are strictly based on current state of science and independent from commercial and partisan interests. We provide objective information and offer help to anyone who seeks advice in the midst of contradicting claims about health and health promotion.

„Think-tanks aim to fill the gap between academia and policymaking. Academics grind out authoritative studies, but at a snail’s pace. Journalists‘ first drafts of history are speedy but thin. A good think-tank helps the policymaking process by publishing reports that are as rigorous as academic research and as accessible as journalism.“

Our recommendations

The output of our collaboration within Globopol will consist of clear and concise recommendations, published on this website in the form of documents and presentations with a licence for free sharing. At the moment, we are working on the following topics:

  • Real Food Guide in five languages – 
  • Educational web on prevention and treatment of obesity and diabetes –
  • Hospital Food improvement project