Overview of Saturated Fats (short version). Assumptions about benefits of reducing saturated fat intake do not have a consistent support in available data, and it has not yet been convincingly shown that it reduces mortality. Saturated fatty acids (SFs), also referred to as saturated fats, are typically discussed in connection with the risk of cardiovascular disease. Since 1950s, it has been suggested that excessive consupmtion of fat/saturated fat/cholesterol icnreases the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Also for this reason, the 1977 US and 1983 UK dietary recommendations included a specific upper limit for intake of fats, saturated fats and cholesterol in connection with the prevention of cardiovascular disease. These recommendations, however, do not have an unequivocal support in clinical or epidemiological studies, and should be revised.

This conclusion, however, should not be interpreted as an invitation for an unlimited/excessive consumption of SFs.

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